Vacation Dreams Come True with a Move to Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a country that exudes that much-needed vacation lifestyle no matter how long you have lived here. From the amazing shoreline with sand in shades of color unseen in other parts of the world to spectacular volcanoes and hot springs where people bathe and soak up the majestic beauty of the country, every day can be a vacation whether you have work to do or you just want to find somewhere to relax and enjoy the scenery.  Nature abounds in Costa Rica, and it’s very easy to drop what you’re doing, find a rental home and make this...

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How to become a resident in Costa Rica before the next Ice Age!

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So, now that you have been to Costa Rica a few times and have fallen in love with this tropical paradise, you have decided to make the move to Costa Rica full-time…. That means going through the dreaded “residency” process everyone complains about! Let’s start here. How to become a resident in Costa Rica before the next Ice Age! The residency process for Costa Rica is not unlike, or as complicated as, many other places in the Western Hemisphere. (Try getting a residency status in the U.S. if you are from Costa Rica!) To speed up the process,...

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End of Costa Rica Summer Sale

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Start your Costa Rica Residency process with us today and SAVE $200.00! Time is running out, Don’t put it off another day! SAVE $200.00 or more! - OFFER ENDS JUNE 30th. - Make your deposit TODAY to get started. OFFER ENDS June 30th.   Contact me TODAY to enjoy the benefits of Costa Rica Residency at +506-8373-2085 In Costa Rica or 305-906-6784 from the USA Or email me at We keep the application process simple. In most cases, all you need to do is to provide us with the key documents and be available to be...

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What Are All the Best Options for Residency in Panama?

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Panama stands out among the world’s expat destinations because it offers solid infrastructure and First World amenities. Panama has many different types of immigration visas and residency programs offering permanent residency, and in many cases, full citizenship with a passport. Whether you’re looking for residency in a foreign country to relieve your US tax burden, have an escape hatch in case the worst should happen at home, or if you are looking to make working, living and traveling to/from a foreign country easier, having a second...

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Don’t leave your brain on the plane!

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When coming to Costa Rica for the first time, you will undoubtedly be in absolute awe of it’s natural beauty, wonderful people, relaxing atmosphere and the incredible opportunities abound! However, we hear the horror stories all the time. One client told me “I came down and bought 4 properties all on our first trip! Now, we can’t even find the lot’s we purchased. They sold two of their lot’s at half price on their second trip, but had a hard time finding the other lot’s. (true story) When coming to CR, don’t leave your brain on the...

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Dual Citizenship In Costa Rica!

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Dual Citizenship In Costa Rica! What is a dual citizenship? Anyone whom possess 2 citizenships is to be considered a dual national when he or she owes allegiance to more than one country at a time. Can one keep U.S. citizenship after becoming a Costa Rican? Yes. But, the U.S. authorities no longer encourage this as a count of coverage because of the troubles it can cause. Dual nationals owe allegiance to both the united states and abroad, and they’re required to obey the laws of both international locations. The united states of America...

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U.S. expats can get embassy benefit letter by email

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There is good news for expats who might have to prove their income to acquire residency or even a mortgage. U.S. expats can get embassy benefit letter by email. The Federal Benefit Unit at the U.S. Embassy said it has simplified the process for verifying Social Security and other government benefits for Costa Rican immigration purposes. The government will accept email requests and make a follow-up telephone call to confirm the requestor’s identity. The embassy said that the document commonly is called a proof of income letter, a budget...

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Costa Rica’s Healthcare System

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The High Quality of Costa Rica’s Healthcare System. Costa Rica is one of the most advanced countries in the Western Hemisphere and has garnered a considerable reputation for its incredible scenery, education, and modern living. However, one aspect that may come as a surprise to some is the very high quality of Costa Rica’s healthcare system. A survey conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2000 demonstrated that Costa Rica placed 36th out of 191 countries when it came to their healthcare system. This put Costa Rica in the top...

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Buying or Selling a Vehicle in Costa Rica?

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Buying or Selling a Vehicle in Costa Rica? We can help with your Vehicle Registration – Transfer Process. Vehicle ownership must be transferred with the help of a lawyer / notary by law, so If you’re buying or selling a vehicle in Costa Rica, you’ll want our help to complete the paperwork process that is involved in transferring a car’s title. We check the car’s title on the Public Registry (Registro Nacional) to make sure that the car does not have another owner and that there are no outstanding fees due. The following documents are needed...

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How to Check Your Costa Rica Immigration Status

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Costa Rica’s Immigration ministry offers an online system to verify and check your status of your immigration file. Click here to check your immigration status online, and click here for instructions and an English translation. How to Check Your Costa Rica  Immigration Status. In 2013, Costa Rica’s Immigration ministry has offered an online system for verifying and checking the status of your immigration file. Click here to access the system. The status check system is Spanish only, so here are some translations for your convenience:  ...

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