Costa Rican immigration officials arrested for selling visa stamps to perpetual tourists

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You may want to think twice before paying anyone to stamp your passport illegally. I read this story in a few days ago and thought i would share it with you. Many people ask me where they can get their passport stamped without having to leave Costa Rica. My answer is always the same… It’s never a good idea to cheat the system.  The head of the Costa Rican immigration office in Sixaola, on the Panama border, as well as another immigration official in the same office, were arrested on Thursday on charges that...

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Start your Residency process with us TODAY and SAVE $200.00!

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End Of Costa Rica Summer Sale. Start your Costa Rica Residency process with us today and SAVE $200.00! – Offer Ends SOON -   SAVE $200.00 or more!   Make your deposit TODAY to get started. Time is running out, OFFER ENDS April 30th. Don’t put it off another day! Contact me TODAY to enjoy the benefits of Costa Rica Residency at +506-8373-2085 In Costa Rica or 305-906-6784 from the USA Or email me at We keep the application process simple. In most cases, all you need to do is to provide...

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Getting Your Documents From Canada

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A bit of background — I’m a Canadian with an approved residency application, which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Johanna of Costa Rica Immigration Experts. It turns out my file was buried deep in the catacombs gathering cobwebs. Just asking about the status of my file did nothing to change its fate. CRIE was able to get immigration to dig the file out of its bureaucratic grave and see the light. So last month, I headed back to Vancouver to get a new birth certificate and police record check, this time for...

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Costa Rica deports 12 US students in language school dispute…

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Working at a language school in Costa Rica may sound like a dream short-term job. But before signing any contract, ask first whether you’d be expected to hide in the bathroom if immigration police show up. On Feb. 26 Immigration Police raided the Máximo Nivel language school in the San Pedro neighborhood of San José. In all, 12 U.S. tourists between 18 and 21 years old were ordered to hand over their passports and report to the Immigration Administration to verify their status in Costa Rica. The 12 tourists who studied and taught at the...

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Getting your Residency through the Investor Category

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Of the four ways to qualify for temporary residency through investing in properties, investing through a corporation is a popular choice. In Costa Rica, you can purchase real estate through a corporation. There are two options when using this method to gain temporary residency through the Investor category; -        Apply for investor category through “fee simple” -        Own property through a corporation While owning property through a corporation is a matter unto itself, it is an acceptable method for foreign nationals to own property in...

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Is the Education System in Costa Rica good?

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Since 1869, the education system in Costa Rica has been free to all citizens of the country. The pride that as their educational system shows, they maintain a very high ranking as compared to the rest of the countries around the world. The Emphasis on Education Costa Rica enjoys a excellent educational system that is ranked 20th in the world according to the most recent Global Competitiveness Report which makes it “high quality” compared to the rest of the world. With a literacy rate of 94.9% a full 2 points above the average for Latin...

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QUESTION: What is the baby’s citizenship when born on an airplane in flight?

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ANSWER: The United Nations considers a child born in-flight to have been born in the airplane’s registered country. This is due to admiralty law which says that if the vessel you are traveling on is French, you are technically on French soil. Some countries point to the city where the child first disembarked the plane as the place of birth, and to the airplane’s registered country as the place of citizenship. Of course, citizenship and birthplace are two different topics — citizenship is typically a larger issue and may...

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Cost of Living Comparison Between United States and Costa Rica

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Here is the Cost of Living Comparison Between United States and Costa Rica The information below is from the good folks at Numbeo is the world’s largest database about food prices worldwide! Indices Difference Consumer Prices in Costa Rica are 17.60% lower than in United States Consumer Prices Including Rent in Costa Rica are 27.83% lower than in United States Rent Prices in Costa Rica are 49.99% lower than in United States Restaurant Prices in Costa Rica are 22.10% lower than in United States Groceries Prices in Costa Rica are...

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How to Make Money in Costa Rica.

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When it comes to earning a living, it is not just the money that you make but how much you can keep that will determine the way you live. In the United States and Canada much of our income is eaten up by cost of living expenses that prevent many people from achieving the lifestyle they really want in life. It’s little wonder why more people are considering moving to Costa Rica, a country that offers a number of advantages along with its stunning location as the place to live, work and retire. Why Costa Rica is Becoming So Popular Although...

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Investment in Real Estate for Residency in Costa Rica

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For many who are about to retire or who are seeking new challenges in a country that is open to new ideas, then Costa Rica offers many advantages that you will want to explore.  According to the U.S. State Department there are over 50,000 US citizens currently reside in this wonderful country. For many foreigners, having the ability to obtain Costa Rican residency status offers many advantages when it comes to taking advantage of living in this beautiful country. Investment in Real Estate for Residency in Costa Rica. Temporary Residence...

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